Friends of Internationals was formed out of my own life experience. I came to the United States in 1970 right after high school with hardly any knowledge of the English language. Many hurdles to overcome-- a new surrounding, a new language, new food, new everything! I felt very lonely and very lost.


In 1983, I gave up my career and moved to Tempe to start this organization to be a help to the international community at Arizona State University.


We are here to connect with you and be friends. We have helped many students and we hope we can be a help to you, too!


Ben Joseph


Greetings to scholars of all nations!

It is our pleasure to welcome you all to Arizona State University!

International students to thrive in the United States



-English practice


International students in community and life beyond studies


-Hiking trips

-Holiday Events

-Game Nights

International students to grow personally and spiritually


-Is there a God? Can I know him?

-Can I experience forgiveness?

-Is there life after death?

Serving International Students at ASU since 1984

Ben & Aleyamma Joseph

Friday, 3/27

at 7:30pm

at Arizona State University

Online Hang-Out Time!