at Arizona State University

Greetings to scholars of all nations!

It is our pleasure to welcome you all to Arizona State University!

international students in community and life beyond studies


-Hiking trips

-Holiday Events

-Game Nights

international students to grow personally and spiritually


-Is there a God? Can I know him?

-Can I experience forgiveness?

-Is there life after death?

Serving International Students at ASU since 1984

international students to thrive in the United States



-English practice



Candlelight Dinner!

Next Event:  12/8:

Ben & Aleyamma Joseph

Friends of Internationals was formed out of my own life experience. I came to the United States in 1970 right after high school with hardly any knowledge of the English language. Many hurdles to overcome-- a new surrounding, a new language, new food, new everything! I felt very lonely and very lost.


In 1983, I gave up my career and moved to Tempe to start this organization to be a help to the international community at Arizona State University.


We are here to connect with you and be friends. We have helped many students and we hope we can be a help to you, too!


Ben Joseph